FSS to launch second special investigation into data breach at credit card companies

Published on 17 Mar 2014, 7:55
Officials in Korea will launch a fresh investigation into the data leak that hit three major credit card companies back in January.
The new investigation will focus on an additional breach that affected 80-percent of the personal information compromised in the first leak.
Connie Kim reports.
Financial regulators will conduct a second special investigation on the three major credit card companies swept up in Korea's largest-ever data leak.
This follows confirmation of an additional breach late last week.
The officials will look into how a secondary leak at KB Kookmin Card, NH Nonghyup Card and Lotte Card was possible.
Disciplinary measures already slapped on the firms may be toughened depending on the probe's findings.
In response, the Financial Supervisory Service has launched a 24-hour-monitoring system to block any further leaks.
The financial regulator confirmed last Friday that 83-million out of 104-million pieces of data leaked in January has been passed on to brokers.
January's massive breach compromised nearly half of the population's personal information.
The top executives of the three companies have resigned and the firms in question were hit with three-month business suspensions in February.
There are fears the public's information will be sold on websites like this for as little as 10 cents per sale.
Financial authorities say they will establish new systems so that people reporting illegal data distribution can be rewarded,... but the government still has a way to go to convince a skeptical public that it's doing all it can to stop these kinds of leaks.
Connie Kim, Arirang News.
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