Syria: Conflict News

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27.11.15 – 23 60014:11
War in Syria: Latest News
Опубликовано 26 ноября 2015, 21:23
Syria: Conflict News on November 26
Сирия события 26 Ноября 2015.
This video not intended to offend anyone. This footage is not, meant to glorify war or violence. Contains only documentary information about conflict.
(Video strictly for news/educational purposes)

00:01 MLRS attack in the Ghab plain, Idlib
00:24 Hraytan, Aleppo
00:56 Bab al-Hawa Syrian boarder crossing with Turkey in Aleppo
01:27 Ma'rrat al-Numan, Idlib
02:04 Al-Tamanah, Idlib
02:24 Syrian government forces & Kata'ib Hezbollah in Aleppo
03:46 Daraya, Damascus
04:06 Clashes between FSA & SAA in Maraj al-Sultan, Damascus
06:28 Russian fighter jets over Hama province
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