News in Brief -- 30th January -- 03:30 GMT

Published on 30 Jan 2016, 4:54
1. Some 170 Italian academics sign a petition calling for a boycott of Israeli universities due to their notorious complicity with Israel’s violence against Palestinians.

2. Protesters in the occupied West Bank have staged a rally in solidarity with Palestinian hunger striker Mohammad al-Qiq who is held in an Israeli jail without a trial.

3. The French Foreign Minister warns Israel that it will recognize a Palestinian state if peace talks to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict fail to reach a breakthrough.

4. Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaberi-Ansari has denounced a terror attack on a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province which killed four people.

5. Saudi warplanes have targeted several areas in the Yemeni capital Sana'a, including a central security headquarters.

6. Bahraini security forces have clashed with protesters demanding the release of jailed opposition leaders and activists.

7. The Saudi-backed coalition of Syrian opposition groups, known as the High Negotiations Committee, says it will attend UN-brokered peace talks that have opened in the Swiss city of Geneva.

8. France and Georgia have pledged to probe into allegations that peacekeepers from the two countries were involved in sexual abuse of children in the Central African Republic.

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