Lohan Takes $100k from Charlie Sheen, Doesn't Thank Him

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Опубликовано 12 декабря 2012, 9:14
"As reports surface of Lindsay Lohan's money woes, actor Charlie Sheen says he loaned the troubled starlet money but never received so much as a thank you.

Sheen told "ET" today that he gave his "Scary Movie 5″ co-star an unspecified amount of money but says it was payment she was due from a project.

"I'm still waiting for a text to say 'thank you,'" Sheen told "ET" with a laugh. "Anything, you know?"*

Charlie Sheen says he gave Lindsay Lohan $100,000 to help with her piling IRS bills, but hasn't heard so much as a word back from her. Is she that entitled? Did Sheen make a huge mistake? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss the story.

*Read more from Luchina Fisher/ ABC News:

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