Sex fail: Vibrator stuck in woman's urethra prompts emergency hospital visit

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Опубликовано 16 июня 2014, 15:12
Doctors and nurses are used to treating patients who put things where they shouldn't go, but nothing in doctor and nurse couple Roger and Wendy Goldenberg's career prepared them for what happened to this woman.

The woman showed up to their Kansas hospital along with her boyfriend complaining that she had a vibrator stuck up her urethra. Nurse Wendy Goldenberg didn't believe her and assumed the vibrator was in the woman's vagina or anus.

But when Roger Goldenberg examined her pelvic area, his speculum started vibrating. The woman and her boyfriend were right: The pinky-sized vibrator had slipped up her urethra and was in her bladder.

The woman must have been in utter agony when you consider that kidney stones, which cause incredible pain when they pass through the urethra, are only 3 to 5 millimeters wide.

The incident was reenacted on Sex Sent Me To The E.R., a television show that airs on TLC.


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