M79 grenade attacks at police club in Thailand

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Опубликовано 27 марта 2014, 6:00
Originally published on February 27, 2014


Four M79 grenades were fired at a police sports club in Thailand on Wednesday evening (February 26).

According to the Bangkok Post, the attack took place in Lak Si district of Bangkok shortly after 7 p.m. Police assumed the attacker fired the M79 grenades from a nearby tollway, targeting the Royal Thai Police Sports Club. However, the first two grenades missed the target and hit the main car park of Thai PBS television station, which is opposite the club on the same road. The blast damaged three cars parked in the area.

One of the other two grenades hit the roof of the club and caused damage. The other one dropped on a lawn near the tent of a riot police officer but did not explode. No one was injured.


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