Obama Front Attacks Alex Jones, Ron Paul, NSA/Google Partnership & More

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Опубликовано 7 января 2012, 11:16
In the news segment, Paul Joseph Watson, co-host and chief editor for PrisonPlanet.com, discussing how Americans are cheering President Obama's intentions to bypass Congress in order to push forward his agenda through executive fiat. A video compilation shows that not only is Obama undertaking this unconstitutional action, but he is a serial offender!

Further, Watson covers the latest round of Iranian wargames, now set to coincide with a U.S. and Israeli run drill, giving on-lookers reason for pause and creating fears that such 'exercises' could well provoke all out war. The confrontation leaves the door wide open for a false flag provocation, something former Vice President Cheney reportedly proposed during the Bush administration to kick start the Iran war.

Meanwhile, temporary euphoria over a spike in job numbers proves to be more smoke and mirrors, and indeed, to be just that-- temporary. Zero Hedge documents how Morgan Stanley's David Greenlaw has reported that 42,000 of the 200,000 jobs is basically a seasonal quirk, that will soon go away, leaving only 158,000 as expected.

On the 2012 campaign front, the media has predictably turned back to attacking Ron Paul after his strong showing in Iowa, with George Soros-arm Media Matters trying to sink him by associating him with none other than Alex Jones. Before launching a kitchen-sink list of conspiracy theories, Media Matters tabulates that "Paul has appeared on Jones' radio program at least thirteen times since the beginning of 2010 and said he relies on shows like Jones' to 'get the truth out.'"

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