A Grammy For Another B-S.o.T.U. Address!

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Опубликовано 4 февраля 2014, 16:00
Zo doesn't agree with Obama and Democrats. But Zo is sick of the energy Conservatives put into shaking their fists at politicians, and the thinking that it's going to take another politician to solve the problem. Conservatives aren't doing the cultural work to gain and maintain representation. If they would put more effort into supporting the creativity of artists, to illustrate and promote

Conservatism, instead of always thinking the answer is going to be a politician, they would see more positive effects.

The reason why stuffy rich, white-suit wearing, Democrats are able to get votes is because they have relatable figures that go out before them to condition the culture to embrace what they represent. (Rock artists, rap artists, comedians, fashionistas, actors, models, R&B singers, punk rock bands, etc.)

They have it down to a science.

And the formula is right there in front of conservatives. If you're among those who get that, follow this link and CLICK LIKE! facebook.com/20lbSLEDGE

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