Ukraine protesters killed as riot police clear the streets

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Опубликовано 22 января 2014, 21:36
Clashes continue in the Ukrainian capital as protesters create a barricade of burning tyres in the street

Clashes continued into the evening in the Ukrainian capital Kiev as protesters continued to gather despite heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures on Wednesday.
Protesters created a barricade of burning tyres in the street, and kept it going by adding more tyres and other objects.

Prosecutors confirmed that two protesters whose bodies were found Wednesday near the site of earlier clashes with police were shot with live ammunition, raising fears that their deaths - the first after two months of largely peaceful protests - could further fuel violence on the streets of Kiev.

Medics also said a third man died after he fell from a high point near a sports arena at the site of clashes, but Natalia Vishnevska, spokeswoman for the city health department, said that man survived the fall and was being treated in hospital.

Protesters' numbers have swelled as the crowds managed to push back hundreds of riot police into a government district adjacent to Kiev's Independence Square.

Thousands of demonstrators are still rallying round the clock at an extensive tent camp they have set up at their main protest site on Independence Square, also known as 'Maidan'.

There was no immediate police move on the main camp.

Ukraine's two month-long political crisis shifted into a new phase after President Viktor Yanukovych pushed through harsh anti-protest laws last week that were widely seen as an attempt to quash the demonstrations calling for his ouster.

The mass protests erupted after President Yanukovych spurned a pact with the EU in favour of close ties with Russia, which offered him a 15 billion bailout.

They swelled to hundreds of thousands after a small peaceful rally was violently broken up by police.

Seeing the government ignore their demands and opposition leaders unable to present a coherent plan or even select a single leader, radical protesters have clashed with riot police in Kiev since Sunday.

The deaths came on the fourth day of violent street battles between protesters hurling fire bombs and stones and police firing back with tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets.

Source: APTN

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