Provocateur Attacks WeAreCHANGE

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Опубликовано 23 апреля 2008, 12:11

Our member was confronting Laura & Jenna Bush was threatened by an unknown individual. This unknown individual was much taller and larger than our member. For no reason, this individual started to lunge at our member and punch him and beat him. Our member did not defend himself or fight back. He was the victim and did not strike once at the unknown individual. This provocateur provoked an attack by trying to instigate a fight and now our member was arrested and is now facing third-degree assault charges by this unknown provocateur. he will be arraigned tomorrow morning please call the 19th Precinct and ask them why Gary was unlawfully arrested and charged with a third-degree assault charge when he is innocent and obviously the victim.

19th Precinct
153 E 67th Street
3rd & Lex, New York, NY 10065
(212) 452-0600

Disclaimer: Please when calling the precinct please be polite and courteous to the police officers. We Are Change does not advocate any threats of violence of any kind.
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