Obama Care Here to Stay, Treason with Trade, Iran Nuke Deal Dead

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Опубликовано 26 июня 2015, 4:22
The majority opinion at the US Supreme Court simply reworded the Obama Care law because it did not want to stop subsidies to more than 8 million people.They are involving themselves in policy instead of interpreting the law.Now, there is talk of a bill in the House that will force the Supreme Court onto Obama Care by taking away their exemption.Obama Care is the biggest policy lie in U.S. history, and we know that to be fact because of MIT professor Johnathan Gruber who bragged on several videos about how the Obama Care lies were crafted with top Democrats including the White House.

The trade treason known as the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) have passed.You think I am too harsh saying this is trade treason?What do you call legislation that is totally secret?If lawmakers say what is in this legislation they can be prosecuted for a felony. They call this so-called “fast track” legislation, but it should be called neuter Congress legislation.There can be no debate, no amendments or no filibuster.The President negotiates a deal, and Congress votes Yes or No.The Republicans are handing this kind of power over to the same President they are currently suing in federal court because of his overreach on other issues such as immigration. I cannot make this stuff up.

The Iran deal is going south as I predicted, and 5 top former Obama Administration officials and advisors say the Iran nuclear deal is a bad one.Even former General and CIA Chief David Petraeus says it is not in the best interests of the U.S., and he and others say the deal should be much tougher.

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