Still Report #427 - Is Obama a Muslim?

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Опубликовано 19 сентября 2015, 0:14
In the wake of the GOP Debate, version 2.0, Megyn Kelly of FoxNews put together a panel to basically show that although Trump crushed the opposition in all the huge overnight polls, Debate 2.0 was really his Waterloo – his turning point – his high water mark.
Then Kelly ran a clip of the first question Trump got at a giant town hall meeting in New Hampshire last night.
[run clip]
Trump knows right away that this guy is either a plant, or at least a very angry person you would not want in your living room.
He turns to the audience and says with consternation:
“We need this question … This is the first question…”
But Trump interrupts the guy and handles the question about as well as you could in front of a live TV audience.
Trump knows that although there is something wrong with this guy, the Muslim question has at least some sort of validity, and acknowledges that his administration will have to consider it. Nothing wrong with his response.
Kelly goes after Trump for not arguing with the nutty guy over the premise of the question – namely that Obama’s Muslim proclivities may be the reason behind his questionable actions behind his Middle East policies:
Then Kelly ran a clip of how Senator John McCain answered a similar question in 2008.
First of all, John McCain is NOT a source of truth. The truth about John McCain is that as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, he made communist propaganda radio broadcasts in exchange for better treatment. That’s a fact! How that has affected his decision-making process at key times during his tenure in the U.S. Senate is another important question.
Secondly, after President Obama has departed the leadership role in the United States, I predict that history will NOT see him as merely the “decent, family man” who essentially has just made a few policy mistakes.
Then one of Kelly’s panelists tries to take on the issue:
She’s right, but Kelly pounces on her:
[he’s not a Muslim…]
Then another panelist jumps to the defense of his fellow panelist:
Kelly argues:
Put to bed by John McCain? Again, McCain is not the source of absolute truth to me.
The panelist then makes a final incisive point:
He is exactly right. In America we can call out the President of the United States. So let’s get to it.
Is Obama a Muslim?
I follow the news very closely. It’s not my job – it’s my avocation – my calling. I have certainly NOT seen any sort of proof that Obama is a Christian – other than his own utterances. Have we seen the first family in any church on any Sunday since his election? Not to my knowledge.
But there is plenty of evidence that Obama IS a Muslim. Trust me, it would be much easier -- and safer for me to take the line that Obama was just incompetent and his entire Middle East policy had been a giant handful of mistakes.
However, there is significant evidence of his Muslim-ness that a reporter would have to have his or her head in the sand to have missed. And I have zero respect for any reporter not following up on these significant questions.
[insert clips]
This last clip is from Sean Hannity’s radio show. It’s an interview with Ed Klein, author of “The Amateur: Barak Obama in the White House:
[insert audio]
So this is not just an inconsequential - tit-for-tat argument – a conspiracy theory. This is legitimate evidence of a Muslim background.
It’s also foundational. According to the Egyptians – who have everything to lose by putting forth this argument – he is not only a Muslim – but by his own admission while in their country – he is a member of the International Muslim Brotherhood – the controlling entity for the bulk of Islamic terrorism. Please see Still Reports 281 and 367 for more info.
Obama’s Muslim background is also foundational to our reports coming in the near future as it is the only theory that adequately explains his behavior over the years.
But this is important because if true, it is not just an indictment about Obama’s past, but has the most profound impact on our nation’s and my children’s future.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.
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