Minute Memo #180 - Trump - 25% with Blacks; 31% with Hispanics

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Опубликовано 8 сентября 2015, 10:44
Good evening, I’m still reporting on politics.
A new poll of 900 registered voters nationwide not only shows Trump ahead of Clinton by a 45-40% margin, but scoring surprisingly well among blacks and Hispanics.
Last week, the Alabama poll showed Trump with 25% of the black vote. Many thought this was some sort of aberration. However, the new SurveyUSA poll showed Trump now favored by 25% of blacks nationwide compared to 59% for Clinton.
From the start, Ben Carson’s strategy is that he believes he, or any Republican can win the presidency with just 18% of the black vote.
In 2012, Mitt Romney was able to win only 6% of the black vote. John McCain in 2008 only 4%.
In 2004, George Bush won 11% of the black vote up from 9% in 2000. So the new poll shows Trump already far exceeding expectations and well into a winning percentage.
But equally surprising is that Trump scored 31% of the Hispanic vote compared to Clinton’s 50% with 19% still undecided.
Trump edges out Clinton among Asians by a 41 to 39% margin with 20% undecided.
When you look at the vote by age, Trump beats Clinton in every age category except the 18-34 crowd.
In the gender category Trump leads Clinton by 15 points among males, but lags Clinton by 5 points among females.
Among those who say they pay a lot of attention to politics, Trump leads by nearly 20 points – 54 to 36%. Clinton leads among low interest voters by a 43-34% margin. However, the high interest group is nearly twice as likely to be registered to vote among the general population.
I’ll be off for a couple of days, but I look forward to reporting again from Washington. Good day.