Road rage rampage: police shoots down bulldozer driver who endangered public security

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Published on 18 May 2016, 3:38
A bulldozer driver has put his heavy vehicle into malicious use, going on a rampage on the streets of Shuozhou City, north China’s Shanxi Province. The incident happened on September 2015, but footage of the angry driver ramming into moving cars and pedestrians recently emerged online, leaving viewers in a state of shock.
Camera surveillance footage show the moment the driver got out of control and started to randomly chase much smaller vehicles, including a police car. In one clip, the driver is seen attacking a motorbike, lifting the two-wheeler with the blade only to smash it on the ground. The operator then proceeded to run the motorcyclist over, killing him on the spot.
Police rushed to the scene, and blocked the road in an attempt to cut off the mad driver. Eventually, an officer successfully fired at the man, shooting him down.

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