DPRK calls for talks with South Korean military

Published on 25 May 2016, 5:02
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Tuesday asked South Korea once again to hold working-level talks between militaries of the two sides after the latter rejected its previous offer over the weekend.

The DPRK said it hoped to discuss issues such as the possibility of military clashes along the Military Demarcation Line and in the Yellow Sea.

The DPRK Ministry of People's Armed Forces on Saturday sent a notice to its South Korean counterpart proposing to hold working-level talks between the militaries of the two sides in late May or early June.

Pyongyang stressed that the talks would be aimed at defusing military tensions and creating a confidence-building atmosphere on the Korean Peninsula.

But the offer was immediately rejected by Seoul.

The South Korean Defense Ministry said in a brief statement that Pyongyang must first take steps to denuclearize before any talks could be held.
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