Blob-like Toxic Algae Overtakes Utah Lake

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Published on 23 Jul 2016, 3:59
Sickening more than 100 people and leaving farmers scrambling for clean water for days during the hottest part of the year, a huge toxic algae bloom in Utah has closed one of the largest freshwater lakes west of the Mississippi River.
The bacteria commonly known as blue-green algae has spread rapidly to cover almost all of 150-square-mile Utah Lake. It has turned the water bright, anti-freeze green with a pea soup texture. It's also left a scummy foam along the shore.
Jason Garrett, water quality director for the Utah County Health Department said, "We don't have an idea of how long this event will last."
Toxic algae is a problem around the country. A huge Florida outbreak is now fouling beaches on the Atlantic coast. Also, a 2014 outbreak at Lake Erie left more than 400,000 people in the Toledo area without tap water for two days.

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