#WeWillShootBack Wants Black People to Arm Themselves in Self-Defense

Опубликовано 20 июня 2015, 16:24
After the murders of 9 people at a historic African American church in South Carolina, one black man says black people should arm themselves in self defense. He said police killings of unarmed minorities — including Walter Scott, Freddie Gray and Michael Brown in the past year is reason to believe black people don't have the option to trust police. And if the state can't protect black people, then Brown wants black people to protect themselves. Taurean Brown said he wants to assert the rights of African Americans to defend themselves, even though they are often the first ones that are called upon to be nonviolent. The North Carolina resident's hashtag is also the title of a book that describes the armed resistance of black Mississippians in their struggle for freedom


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