Married Couple Battle Rare Cancers

Опубликовано 16 апреля 2015, 18:09
Ben and Shelby Offrink met in college. It wasn't the most romantic setting, as they met during a study group for calculus-based physics.
Fast-forward eight years to 2014; the 34-year-old Ben and Shelby, a newly minted 30-year-old, had married and started a family, in Caledonia, Michigan, when life suddenly turns upside down.
In early 2014, Shelby had an MRI taken when doctors discovered intramedullary glioblastoma, a highly aggressive form of brain cancer, had begun to develop in her spine.
By August, her husband Ben had been diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma, reappearing more than a decade after slipping into remission.
Suddenly, both parents were undergoing the nausea, fatigue and discomfort of chemotherapy while trying to raise two small children.
The Offrinks would like help finding clinical trials to address the rare cancers they are fighting, as well as access to cancer centers with more advanced techniques than are available in Michigan.
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