Birth Of Aviation Takes Flight In Goldstone's 'Birdmen'

Опубликовано 11 мая 2014, 21:18
Today people may take it for granted that Wilbur and Orville Wright, two bicycle-making brothers from Dayton, Ohio, flew the first airplane and pioneered the development of aviation. But, as author Lawrence Goldstone shows, giving wings to man involved more than just two hyper-focused brothers in Kitty Hawk. In Birdmen, his engaging history about the pioneers of flight, Goldstone writes how the Wright Brothers' place in history was not always guaranteed. Their initial successes were often overshadowed by others more adept at generating publicity. They included inventor Samuel Langley, who assembled a horde of reporters to watch his attempt to launch an aircraft, called an aerodrome, in the Potomac River near Washington. Langley's plane failed spectacularly.
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