France: Francois Fillon defeats Juppe in French Republican party primary

Published on 28 Nov 2016, 0:32
Dozens of supporters of French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon gathered at the headquarters of the French Republican party in Paris, Sunday, to celebrate his victory as presidential candidate for the 'Les Republicains' party over his rival candidate Alain Juppe.

In the second round of the Republican primary, Fillon picked up 67 percent of the vote, with his opponent, Mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppe receiving only around 33 percent. Juppe has already conceded defeat and announced that he will support Fillon in next year's presidential race. Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated in the first round of primary elections, coming in third place behind Fillon and Juppe.

Fillon is currently predicted to face off against Front National leader Marine Le Pen in the French Presidential elections, due to be held on 23 April, 2017, with a run-off between the top two candidates expected on 7 May, 2017, if no outright majority is reached in the first round.

SOT, Thomas, Francois Fillon supporter (French): "I am pretty sure he will win the presidential elections because people want renewal and a change in politics. The majority of French people have a centre-right take on politics. We all want alternation and change. Francois Fillon is the one embodying these instances"

SOT, Reddine, Francois Fillon supporter (French): "We won by a long way, the left and the opposition were mobilised, but we will not let that interfere with our intentions and we will be more competitive and strong."

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