Should We Unleash Watchdogs On The Establishment?

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Do you appreciate TYT field reporter Jordan Chariton? What if we had five of him? What if all five had their own reporting team?

"Now imagine what we could do with FIVE full reporting teams! Let me at ‘em. We have to keep Trump accountable. We have to keep the establishment accountable. No one is doing investigative pieces on the donors, the appointees, the leaders in Congress. There are so many things to investigate and uncover. Let us stand up for the American people.

So yes, I’m asking for you to help us build a full-fledged alternative to the corporate newsmedia. This big next step means raising two million dollars to build this killer team. That’s nothing for the corporate media. It literally would pay for just 10% of one of their “star” anchors salaries. I’m not kidding. But for us we could build five full investigative teams and unleash them on Trump and the establishment.

They’re not coming for us, we’re coming for them. Please donate $3, $20 or whatever you can afford to make this dream a reality. Give us the power to go toe-to-toe with the mainstream media.

The only reason we haven’t been able to do this before is that it was too expensive. But I think we can do this together. When you guys get us to $500,000 we’ll unveil who the next reporter is that will lead the next team.Hopefully, we’ll get to all four new reporters. Let’s give the establishment something to think about when they’re dressing up for their inaugural balls. I can’t wait!”*

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