Why Did Iowa Give DAPL the Right to Take People's Land?

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Опубликовано 5 января 2017, 17:57
The right to take private land for public use, known as eminent domain, is something most Americans assume is reserved for governments that are accountable to the People. But in Iowa, the state government, led by Trump appointee and Iowa governor Terry Branstad (R), granted Energy Transfer Partners the right to seize public land for the construction of the Iowa segment of the Dakota Access Pipeline. How and why did this happen?

Bold Iowa director and former state legislator Ed Fallon offered his view during this conversation with TYT's Eric Byler ( Twitter.com/EricByler ) while traveling to meet Iowa land owners who had their property taken away.

This is part 2 of a series that will be presented in the order in which it was shot, including this, the drive from Des Moines out to Iowa farm country, with a snow storm on the way.Stay tuned!

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