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Опубликовано 10 января 2017, 9:58
WANSEA, UNITED KINGDOM — A high school student in Wales took part in the internet craze known as the “salt and ice challenge,”and a photograph of his damaged hand is making the rounds on social media.

The salt and ice challenge involves placing salt somewhere on the body, and then using an ice cube to press down on the area for as long as possible. Doing this creates a burning sensation in the area, as the salt and the ice combined become significantly colder than the ice on its own, at -18°F (-28°C).

Once the participant finally gives up, initially they may feel an immediate numbing sensation in the affected area, meaning they’ve likely experienced nerve damage resulting from second- or third-degree burns, similar to frostbite.

The teen’s mother published the photograph of the skin burn to warn other parents of the dangers of this salt and ice challenge.


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