Pilot uses police chopper to film people boinking; Hot girl and pilot in the cockpit - Compilation

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Опубликовано 10 января 2017, 11:53
1. A British police officer has been suspended over allegations that he was using the police chopper to record people getting down in the park.

2.Chloe Mafia, whose real name is Chloe Khan, age 24, found herself and her friend invited into the cockpit of a Kuwait Airways flight from Heathrow to New York.

3. An unnamed flight attendant told Japan’s Shukan Post magazine that Japanese stewardesses are turning to prostitution to combat wage decreases.

4.An investigation into a Colorado plane crash last spring has determined the pilot taking “selfies” with passengers contributed to the fatal crash that killed two.

5.A Delta airline flight from Minnesota to Las Vegas had quite the scare when the pilot became locked out of the cockpit after taking a bathroom break just before landing.

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