Trump-Funded Operative CAUGHT Soliciting Illegal Acts to Disrupt Inauguration

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Опубликовано 10 января 2017, 19:01
TYT's Eric Byler (htp:// takes you behind the scenes of the counter-sting operation that exposed James O'Keefe, Allison Maass and their propaganda outlet, Project Veritas. Video and audio catch Maass offering to pay money for the incitement of riots at Donald Trump's inauguration.

Links referenced in this piece:

The Undercurrent's 2nd release of footage damaging to Project Vertias:

Here is the video from The Undercurrent that first broke this story:

Ryan Grim breaks counter-sting story for Huffington Post:

US Code barring solicitation of illegal acts:

James O'Keefe pays $100,000 to ACORN employee for fraudulent sting operation:

Allison Maass caught after infiltrating Bernie Sanders campaign:

Trump funding James O'Keefe propaganda:
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