Price of electric vehicle quick-charging to be cut by 44%

Published on 11 Jan 2017, 11:40
내일부터 전기차 급속충전요금, 44% 인하

Starting tomorrow, the cost of quick-charging an electric vehicle will be cut almost in half.
The Ministry of Environment said today that it's lowering the cost of electricity at EV quick-charging stations by 44 percent from its current level... to about 174 won per kilowatt hour... or about 15 U.S. cents.
In terms of distance, that translates to a cost of about 2 dollars and 30 cents... to drive 100 kilometers... only about a quarter of the cost of a typical gasoline-powered car.
More discounts are available for EV drivers who pay for their top-up with a BC Card... or with BC's Green Card, through which members collect points for helping the environment by, for example, cutting carbon emissions.
The vice minister of environment, Lee Jeong Seop,... said the discounts at EV charging stations will kill two birds with one stone -- encouraging the use of EVs... and, through the Green Card, promoting environmentally-friendly consumer culture.

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