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Опубликовано 11 января 2017, 12:04
MIAMI — You’d think the bizarre string of events that unfolded in Miami on Tuesday was from a movie, but nope, it’s all real.

The drama began when a bomb-carrying man in a suit, later identified as 35-year-old Enrique Antonio Gamez, took his Uber driver hostage, reports the Miami Herald.

The driver, known on Facebook as Mikebilly So-Focused, livestreamed his kidnapper as the latter was robbing the Navy Federal Credit Union. In the video, Gamez can be seen calmly approaching a bank attendant, likely threatening her with the explosive device. The bank attendant goes up to a teller and soon hands the robber a pink envelope full of cash. Gamez tries to get the attendant to come with him as a hostage, assuring her he plans to surrender before then going on a rant about Russian hacking and World War III.

Two more live streams are taken in the car, with the man continuing his long-winded rant against the government. The driver tries to get him to show the bomb, but the suspect instead flashes his loot.

The pair eventually end up at Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, where the robber makes like Robin Hood and starts giving the cash to random passers-by.

True to his word, Gamez then calls the cops, who eventually arrive and take both him and his Uber driver into custody.

Sections of Ocean Drive had to be closed off, and a bomb squad called in to secure the premises. Gamez is now with the feds and facing charges, but the Uber the driver was eventually let go, according to NBC Miami.


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