France: Melenchon leads anti-labour law protest outside the Senate

Published on 11 Jan 2017, 17:53
Scores of members from the French union Confederation Generale du Travail (General Confederation of Labour, CGT) gathered outside Luxembourg Palace, beside the French Senate in Paris, Wednesday. The protest was convened as a group of people aligned with the left-wing political party "Front de Gauche" submitted a bill to repeal the new Labour law, known as the El Khomri law, to the Senate.

SOT, Nicolas Faucher, Filpac-CGT member (French): "We wish to remind politicians, especially with the arrival of the elections, that we will not let anything go, that this law is dying, the CGT does not want it, and the employees do not want it [either]. In the press, for example, the Voice of the North announces more than 140 layoffs, other companies are struggling on other subjects. However, we feel that behind all this there is a freedom that was given, a tone given by the political parties to the employers to dismiss, [that is]: to do what they want; and that the wage-earners are malleable and have become the slaves of production and especially of capitalism."

SOT, Jean-Luc Melenchon, "France Insoumis" presidential candidate (French): "If I am elected, the act will be repealed. It is clear, clear and precise. I cannot imagine a presidency, like the one I want to lead, that would begin with the implementation of such a bad law. People have a hope. They still have a way. They have demonstrated, they have written, they have done everything they need. They still have a way. This way is the ballot: by voting for me they repeal the law."

SOT, Jean-Luc Melenchon, "France Insoumis" presidential candidate (French): "[About the verdict of Good Years employees trial in Amien] Of course it's less serious than a prison, but don't believe we're happy. It is not fair and the union delegates who have acted in this context have done the work and I wish to pay tribute to them because without their action, things would probably be worse."

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