Puerto Rico: Protesters denounce Obama for failing to release Oscar Lopez Rivera

Published on 11 Jan 2017, 19:13
Protesters gathered in front of the Federal Court in San Juan to demand the release of Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera, Wednesday.

SOT, Jose Escoda, member of the 'Frente Socialista' (Spanish): “Sadly a lot of people put their trust in him [Barack Obama], and many Puerto Ricans thought that he was going to release Oscar. He has still nine days left in office; hopefully he still has some conscience, maybe just a bit of dignity for that people-killer. Hopefully he [will do] it and he pull Oscar Lopez out of prison.”

SOT, Protester (Spanish): “The call is to continue to carry out this type of manifestations and actions. This cannot be the first one or the last. We have to continue to cry for the release of Oscar Lopez. Also in New York and in other cities are being held simultaneous activities for the release of Oscar Lopez.”

SOT, Gabriel Casal, 'Se acabaron las promesas' spokesperson (Spanish): “The federal government is using Oscar Lopez Rivera as a strategic part of political persecution. It is using this case to send a message to every Puerto Rican who lives under the dictatorial state that is the Government of Puerto Rico and the Fiscal Control Board, meaning that being independent and opposing the federal government is a crime and believing in the freedom of one's own country is a crime. We are telling the federal government that we no longer buy this message.”

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