Governor Christie To Recovery Clients: Everybody Here Gives Me A Different Level Of Inspiration

10.01.18 – 182:05
2018 SOTS - Judiciary
10.01.18 – 220:31
Опубликовано 11 января 2017, 22:25
January 11, 2017 - Toms River


Governor Christie: I come here to get information, so I can do my job better but I also can’t tell you how inspiring you all are. Right, so you say, Adrian that you never thought a year ago that, God knows where you were a year ago, but wherever you were you didn’t think you’d be sitting with the governor a year from now. I’m sure when Mike was at Rahway, right, he wasn’t sitting there going you know, pretty soon I’ll get out and I’m going to be sitting with the governor, we’re going to be talking about this issue, and I’m going to be, you know, helping to make him smarter about it, right? We don’t know where life’s going to lead us. But you need to know when I say you’re an inspiration it’s not just words that I’m saying. I’m telling you practically why, that I’m now going to be able to talk to people in the business community and say, I met a guy who told me about what he wanted to do for his son, told me about the problems he’s had and where’s he’s been, and he can’t get a job because nobody will be risky enough to take a chance on him. That’s wrong. And when I can personalize it to someone, not even using your name, just here is who this person is. You know, I can talk to the people at consumer affairs and say ok so I see this woman who’s skilled, who’s talented, who’s trained and she’s got enough self-esteem to say, well, just because this isn’t going the right way for me doesn’t mean I’m not going to work. She went and took the job she could get, but she wanted to do the job that she’s good at, right? I can talk to those people about you, because of this, right? So everybody here gives me a different level of inspiration, not only information but inspiration, to say there are real people out there among the 9 million people who live in this state, who are being effected everyday by the stuff we do and the stuff we don’t do, by the words we use and the words we keep inside. So that’s why I come. I come because I can’t get this any place else. You know when you live the life I live, you know when you’re in black SUVs with three state troopers, you know. They’re great guys and women, and they take care of me, and they protect me and they do everything they’re supposed to do, but it’s a very isolating life and it’s not like I’m allowed to go out to hang out myself, where we could sit someplace and talk like it’s just not the way my life works. So this is where I have to get it. So I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you being willing to do this, because it’s not easy to share that stuff and to be also going through the rest of the stuff you’re going through. But I promise you that I will use it to make a difference. So you’re making an investment in me and I will make the investment back.

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