Constitutional Court to hold 4th hearing for President Park Geun-hye's impeachment trial

Published on 12 Jan 2017, 1:45
오늘 탄핵심판 4차 변론... 이영선 행정관 등 4명 증인신문

Now it's a big news day here in Korea as the nation's Constitutional Court is just starting the fourth hearing in its impeachment trial against President Park Geun-hye.
Some key witnesses, including Lee Young-sun, an administrative staff member to the president,... will be quizzed on President Park's whereabouts and activities during the president's so-called 'missing seven hours' in the immediate aftermath of the Sewol-ho ferry sinking in April 2014.
Lee is known to have assisted President Park on the day the disaster,... together with Yoon Jeon-choo,... another staff member at the top office.
We'll keep you updated on the developments throughout the day.

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