Naver's ad revenue nears US$2.5 bil. in 2016

Published on 12 Jan 2017, 5:17
작년 네이버 광고 매출 3조…3천700개 전체 신문의 2배
Korea's top online portal Naver is estimated to have generated nearly two-point-five billion U.S. dollars in advertising revenue in 2016.
According to industry sources, the company's sales from the ad sector grew nearly 30 percent from the previous year… on the back of growing demand in mobile platforms and increased shopping ads.
The 2016 revenue is almost twice the combined revenue of about 37-hundred newspapers across Korea.
Naver is estimated to have raked in nearly 685 million dollars from ad sales in the fourth quarter alone, …a first for the company.
Market watchers say the portal giant's ad revenue is projected to hit three billion dollars this year.

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