Independent counsel summons Samsung heir apparent for questioning

Published on 12 Jan 2017, 5:46
특검, 이재용 뇌물공여 피의자로 소환
The independent counsel office is where we begin this afternoon,...
Lee Jae-yong, the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics and the heir apparent of Samsung Group, is being interrogated by the counsel team, not as a witness, but as a suspect on charges of bribery.
Here's what he said before entering the building.

"I'm deeply sorry and I apologize to the Korean people for failing to put our best face forward due to this incident."

The team is questioning Lee on accusations that Samsung Group signed a consulting contract worth more than 18 million U.S. dollars with Core Sports, a company based in Germany and owned by Choi Soon-sil,... in the summer of 2015.
Soon afterward, two of Samsung Group's affiliates, Samsung C&T and Cheil Industries, completed a controversial merger backed by the state-run National Pension Service.
The merger was deemed crucial for Lee's succession plans.
The independent counsel wants to know whether the funds were provided in exchange for Choi Soon-sil's influence... to secure support for the merger.
Choi is suspected of using her connection with President Park Geun-hye to pressure the National Pension Service to back the deal.
Samsung has acknowledged making the contributions but has repeatedly denied it was done in exchange for support for the merger.

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