Constitutional Court holds fourth hearing in impeachment trial

Published on 12 Jan 2017, 5:46
오늘 탄핵심판 4차 변론…이영선 행정관 등 4명 증인신문
Over at the Constitutional Court,... the fourth hearing in the impeachment trial of President Park Geun-hye is underway.
During the morning session, Presidential Security Office administrator Lee Young-sun was quizzed about his role at the presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae... and how much he knows about Choi Soon-sil's access to the presidential compound.
He said his main duty is to be one of the president's bodyguards, though he also takes care of smaller tasks... like picking up her clothes from designer shops.
Lee refused, in spite of repeated warnings from the justices, to reveal how many times -- if any -- Choi entered the presidential office,... citing a confidentiality clause.
Lee also answered questions related to the day of the Sewol-ho ferry disaster.
He said he'd heard from another officer that there had been a minor car accident before the president entered the central government complex to go to the central disaster headquarters, which could explain some of the so-called "missing seven hours" when the president didn't appear in public.
More details on President Park's whereabouts on that day are expected later this afternoon,... as Ryu Hee-in , a former member of a special investigative team on the Sewol-ho sinking,... is to appear in court.
Also Cho Han-gyu, the former president of the local daily Segye Ilbo, is slated to testify today about an exclusive report the daily ran in late 2014 that detailed the ties between Chung Yoon-hoi, the ex-husband of Choi Soon-sil, and senior presidential officials.
The daily has said it was subject to tax audits and search and seizure raids after the report was published and that the Park administration had ordered the actions.

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