Russia: Limited edition sugar boxes aim to keep Trump sweet

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Published on 12 Jan 2017, 8:52
Russia’s Tula Product Company released limited edition boxes of sugar that feature a picture of USA president-elect Donald Trump in celebration of his election victory in Tula, Wednesday.

The boxes depict Trump in front of the American flag. Company founder Nikolai Kostylev said the special edition signified his "hope that relations between Russia and the USA will get better when the new administration comes."

Tula Product Company claims to have had interest from retailers across the country. Kostylev also intends to send the US president-elect several boxes of the sugar to make relations between Russia and USA "sweeter."

SOT, Nicolai Kostylev, Founder, Tula Product LTD (Russian): “One of our employees put forward the idea, that we may produce a special edition to congratulate him [Donald Trump] on his election as president. Because Russia has not had very good relations with the previous administration, so there is a hope that relations between Russia and USA will get better when the new administration comes.”

SOT, Vladimir Rybakov, Tula Product LTD employee (Russian): "We talked about it with our director, Nikolai Yurievich [Kostylev], so, I said ‘maybe we could do a special edition because you were for Donald Trump, too?’ He supported me and we made an edition with 45th President of the United States of America."

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