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Опубликовано 20 марта 2017, 7:00
WRIGLEYVILLE, ILLINOIS — An armed thug near Chicago had quite the night of crime after holding a woman at gunpoint and putting her through a hellish series of events.

On March 9, Jarqueese O’Brian Henigan, 31, robbed a 24-year-old woman as she was leaving a garage. After she handed over everything she had, Henigan proceeded to sexually assault the woman. He then forced his victim into the trunk of her own car, and drove off with her locked inside, stopping at several ATMs along the way.

Roughly 22 miles from where they initially crossed paths, Henigan crashed her car into a tree, and took off on foot. Chicago police recovered baggies of marijuana and crack cocaine that Henigan supposedly tried to ditch near the crash site, as well as a loaded 9-mm Ruger handgun.

The victim managed to escape from the trunk and get medical help for her injuries, which included bleeding to the brain, abrasions and bruises to her forehead and thigh. Henigan now faces charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault, kidnapping, possession of a controlled substance, vehicular hijacking, armed robbery and being an armed ‘habitual criminal.’


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