S. Korea's embassy in China opens separate WeChat account to better warn S. Korean nationals

Published on 20 Mar 2017, 23:11
중국 내 '반한감정' 심각하다…주중공관, 교민보호 총력전

Anti-Korean sentiment grows in China, fuelled by the country's anger and opposition to THAAD.
Eventhough it's designed to protect Seoul from Pyongyang's missile attacks, Beijing perceives the defense system as a threat to its own national security.
To keep South Koreans in China from harms way, Seoul's government opened a messaging application,... to get across safety-related information to its citizens more efficiently.
For details we turn to Connie Kim.
China's apparent yet still ongoing retaliatory measures against Korean companies in China over Seoul's decision to deploy THAAD,… has prompted the Korean government to take a more active approach to better warn Koreans in China against possible dangerous situations.
The Korean embassy in Beijing had previously warned Korean nationals to refrain from going near anti-Korea protests, as well as refrain from frequenting densely populated locations.

The embassy last Friday opened up a separate account on the popular Chinese instant messaging application WeChat under the ID Korea0404, set to be only accessible to Korean nationals.

"Before this account was opened, Korean nationals in China received safety-related messages through our embassy homepage or by email. But now, Koreans in China will receive instant messages on their mobile."

China's apparent retaliatory measures over the deployment of the U.S. military hardware to the Korean peninsula... hit Korean conglomerate Lotte Group the hardest, with up to 90-percent of its stores in China being shut down or notified to do so as of March 19.
With the Chinese government showing no will to back down from its economic retaliation against Korea, officials at the Korean embassy in Beijing don't expect the anti-Korean sentiment in China to die down any time soon.
Connie Kim, Arirang News.

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