Crocs and alligators: Woman leaps into crocodile pit; Fisherman attacked in Australia - Compilation

Опубликовано 21 апреля 2017, 11:37
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Sep 16, 2014 - An elderly woman leaps into a crocodile pit at the Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm & Zoo.

2. Aug 19, 2014 - Australia’s saltwater crocodiles are the largest and deadliest creatures on the continent. Residents of the Northern Territory got a reminder of why the large carnivores deserve their respect, when a fisherman was eaten by a crocodile named Michael Jackson.

3. Aug 26, 2013 - A 24-year-old Australian man was killed in a horrifying attack by a five meter saltwater crocodile while swimming in front of friends in the Mary River in Australia's Northern Territory.

4. Feb 5, 2015 - This 50-year-old fisherman from central Uganda lost his eight-month pregnant wife when Nabire went down to the banks of Lake Kyoga to fetch water and was snatched by what Ugandan wildlife officials said was a 1,300 pound, 25-foot long crocodile.

5. Apr 6, 2015 - One quick-thinking mother saved her daughter from a crocodile’s clutches last Friday morning in northwestern India.

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