Brain juice leaking out of man’s ear; Plane goes missing in Bermuda Triangle - 05/17/2017

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Опубликовано 18 мая 2017, 10:03
1. Liquid oozing from your orifices is not always good, and what you assume is mucus or water from the shower might turn out to be something more terrifying.

2. A search is underway after a small aircraft carrying four people aboard vanished near the Bahamas on Monday.

3. A man in Western New York is bidding farewell to his favored weekly lunch spot after some nosy neighbors called the cops on him.

4.Video of a high school bully getting a fitting taste of his own medicine has gone viral.

5. The U.S. Army is developing a prototype assault rifle to replace outdated M16 rifles and its variants such as the M4.

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