Chinese-made cannon breaks, kills 4 Indonesian soldiers during South China Sea exercise - TomoNews

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Опубликовано 19 мая 2017, 9:15
RIAU, INDONESIA — Four Indonesian army personnel were killed and eight were injured when a new, Chinese-made weapon went haywire during a military exercise near the Riau island group in the South China sea.

The May 17 accident occurred in the Tanjung Datuk region, near the Malaysian border on Kalimantan.

The Java Post reports soldiers were using the Giant Bow twin-barreled anti-aircraft cannon, a weapon produced by Chinese firm Norinco.

The army says a component controlling the gun’s elevation was damaged and during a live-fire exercise at 11:21am, it malfunctioned. The gunners lost control of the cannon, as it suddenly dropped elevation and fired rounds into a group of soldiers engaged in a separate exercise.

Four men were killed and the eight wounded suffered mostly shrapnel injuries.

The exact cause of the malfunction is being investigated.

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