Russia: Trump Jr. meeting was 'fleeting and inconsequential' – lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya

Published on 8 Aug 2017, 23:47
Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya has spoken out about her newfound attention in the US media over a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016, in Moscow, on Tuesday.

Veselnitskaya asserted that the meeting was “fleeting and inconsequential” and is unsure why special counsel Robert Mueller seeks to investigate her meeting with the US President’s son, stating that her meeting “was determined by my duties as a lawyer” as she was working on defending a Russian citizen.

She stated that her interview published by the New York Times “changed significantly” in its second edition, claiming it as “manipulation”.

Natalia Veselnitskaya, lawyer (Russian): "I don’t know what exactly Mr. Mueller is going to investigate regarding my meeting with his president’s son, I can only say what I know – that my meeting was determined by my duties as a lawyer. I was defending a Russian citizen in the United States of America. If it turns out that defending a Russian citizen in the U.S. is a crime – in that case, there is a subject for Mr. Mueller’s investigation."

Natalia Veselnitskaya, lawyer (Russian): "You see, it’s interesting how the U.S. media machine works. The New York Times sent me a request with the list of questions on the 8th of July. I was very surprised by these questions – they were focused on my meeting with Mr. Trump. At first, I couldn’t even remember when exactly that meeting happened – it was so fleeting and inconsequential. So I couldn’t even remember when and where it took place. But here’s what’s interesting – after receiving a quite detailed response from me, The New York Times published only a short part they needed. Today, this article has changed significantly – if you open the first story they had on this matter, and compare it to the original version they published on the 8th – you will see how dramatic the difference is. I understand that the whole story surrounding my meeting with Trump Jr. has been manipulated. By whom? I see only one answer to this question. If you find the motive, you’ll find the explanation. We got so close to the truth behind the Magnitski act, who was pushing it - and why - for years. We found out so much about what was happening in Russia between 1996 and 2006, we found out so much about the real cases of embezzlement of Russia’s budget. And considering that I publicly challenged Mr. Browder, the man behind this story, I think that it’s all orchestrated by him and his team."

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