Police say paying rapist 'was right'- BBC News

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Published on 10 Aug 2017, 11:47
A police chief has said paying a child rapist £10,000 as part of an investigation into a grooming gang was the "right thing".
Northumbria Police's Steve Ashman said the information provided by the man led to the conviction of 17 men and a woman for abusing girls in Newcastle.
Charities have criticised the force for paying the criminal.
Mr Ashman told BBC News he was as "certain as I can be" that it was "morally" right.
"What we've ended up doing here is putting dangerous men behind bars and protecting vulnerable women and girls that we simply wouldn't have been able to do if we didn't have that jump off point we got [from the information]," he said
Mr Ashman also dismissed claims that the informant, known as XY, was asked by police to take vulnerable girls to sex parties.
He said the claim made by XY was "100%" a lie and had been rejected by a judge.
Mr Ashman said: "We absolutely did not task him to go to parties with vulnerable women and girls.
"The use of the informant was principally about finding out who might be involved, the cars they were using, the addresses they were living at.
"This was a starting point, it never resulted in XY being exposed to offending."

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