Anna Paquin Responds To Accidentally Nudity

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Bad Boys 3 Is Off The Table
Опубликовано 12 августа 2017, 3:20
BBC News accidentally sh​owed footage of True Blood star Anna Paquin's breasts ​on live television. The footage came from a topless scene on the​ HBO show and was caught on a computer screen in the background​,​ thanks to some seriously eagle-eyed viewers​. Word ​got out to the 35-year-old actress​. She found the whole situation hilarious.
Paquin tweeted, going on​ ​to retweet and respond to fans getting in on the fun, at one point sharing the hashtag, "PhotoBoobed," ​"​Now that I know what u guys were talking about this some of the funniest s**t I've seen in a while!!! Thanks for the giggle! #FreeTheNipple."

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