Afghanistan: Locals rail at alleged US airstrikes after deadly attack in Nangahar province

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Published on 13 Aug 2017, 1:44
Locals in the Haska Mena district of Nangahar province were seen fleeing from the area on Saturday after an alleged US airstrike two days prior killed some 16 civilians.

SOT, Mohammad Omar, witness and tribal elder (Pashto): "Now it was proven for us that it is a project of foreigners. They don't want this war to end. One day they went to Oghoze area of Haska Mina district conducted operations there. They just evacuated civilians from their homes and returned back."

SOT, Mohammad Omar, witness and tribal elder (Pashto): "Yesterday, they dropped bomb on Suzuki vehicle killed civilians. the terrorist sanctuaries, checkpoints and bases are obvious. Not a single fired performed against them. Foreigners just strike against civilians."

SOT, Mohammad Omar, witness and tribal elder (Pashto): "We can't accept the cruel attacks against our people anymore. We urge the government of Afghanistan to prevent such brutal acts. We were optimistic that they will clear our areas from presence of militants but unfortunately, they left the areas where they conduct operations. They just harmed innocents , these military operations are symbolic. They just implement their project, fire some shots, target civilians then go back without any result."

SOT, Afghan man who lost relatives in strike (Pashto): "One person lost five children. They killed innocent minors. Now they deny so frankly that they didn't bombard these civilians. I heard from radio that the perpetrators deny the bombardment. They didn't kill a Taliban fighter or Daesh affiliate, they killed innocent civilians, women and children. "

SOT, Afghan youth who lost relatives in the strike (Pashto): "These attacks make people obliged to take weapon and join the opponent groups. Because this side (government side) also attack against civilians."

SOT, Saaz Wali Shnwari, the Governor of Haska Mina district (): "The civilians who were fleeing their villages due to presence of Daesh have been targeted by aerial strike. It was a US jet that bombarded the civilian vehicle. All of them were not dead, some of them were injured. Foreign troops were not letting anyone evacuate the injured people. As a result, the injured people also lost lives due to bleeding."

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