Venezuela: New Constituent Assembly ready to 'do anything' to confront 'US threat'

Published on 13 Aug 2017, 2:36
Venezuelan Minister for Indigenous People Aloha Nunez said the country is prepared to "do anything" to confront "any threat" made against Venezuela, during a session at the Federal Legislative Palace in Caracas, Saturday.

SOT, Delcy Rodriguez, President of National Constituent Assembly (Spanish): “The president of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, said three years ago that the unipolar world was finished. Here is the multipolar world, with equilibrated forces. In which the leadership of the United States is relegated in the global hemisphere. It is a decaying empire."

SOT, Aloha Nunez, Venezuelan Minister for Indigenous People (Spanish): "Make no mistake, because we are prepared to do anything to confront any threat. We are willing to defend this land, our freedom, our independence."

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