An Insider’s View of Charlottesville Violence, 1760

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on:An Insider’s View of Charlottesville Violence, 1760

Synopsis: I got a tip earlier today that a lady named Denice Freeman was a volunteer medic in the heart of the violence in Charlottesville on Saturday and willing to talk to me.
Denice says she came with a militia unit, known as the “3%-ers” – named after the belief that it was only 3% of the American population that led in the breakaway from British rule during the initial phases of the American revolution.
Militia units from 5 states total were at the rally that day.
“We didn’t come to choose a side. We were there to try to prevent violence,” she said.
The militia units were heavily-armed because they knew that Antifa would be there and wherever Antifa has shown up for the last 3 years, they come to terrorize.
Furgeson, Berkley, Baltimore, and virtually every spot in between where street violence has broken out, especially since Donald Trump announced that he was running for president – Antifa played a significant role.
Denice says she was busy all day, treating injuries – from both sides. But she says the alt-right groups got the worst of it. They came with only shields and a few clubs.
“They had defensive weapons only. Antifa – as usual came armed to the teeth. They were throwing urine, feces, dye and acid. It was horrible. It’s the worst I’ve ever seen – but not the first time.”
“The alt-right was penned in to this very small park with no bathrooms. There were over a thousand of them in the park. They were literally elbow to elbow. Every time they had to go find a porta-potty, they had to run this gauntlet of violence.”

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