Total Eclipse of the Sun, Horizon View, 1764

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CNN Panel Agrees With Trump, 1765
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evening, I’m still reporting on:Total Eclipse of the Sun, Horizon View, 1764

Synopsis: We traveled down to the mountains of North Carolina to view the solar eclipse yesterday. Our target location was Sunset Rock in Highlands, NC, altitude 4200 feet.
But by the time we arrived, and toted our gear the half mile up to the rock, a thundercloud had spread over the area, and so with only 75 minutes until totality, we hurridly abandoned the site for what was at the time a sunny spot about 20 miles to the northwest at Franklin, NC.
We arrived about 20 minutes before totality and set up our gear. Unfortunately, a high, thin layer of the cloud had spread to our area, but that didn’t spoil the horizon shot.
I pointed my camera to the West-North-West, the direction from which the moon’s shadow would be racing towards us at 1500 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the haze of the high clouds, made the transition not so distinct.
When darkness finally struck, a nearby crowd erupted in cheers. Car horns sounded and you could hear shots ringing out across the mountains.
All around the horizon looked just like this view – a sort of 360-degree sunset.
Now, let’s take another look at that in a 36.5-second version sped up 800%.

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