Finally, the Eclipse Shadow Caught, 1766 b

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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on:Finally, the Eclipse Shadow Caught, 1766 b
Synopsis: My first total eclipse of the sun was on March 7, 1970. The moon’s shadow barely skimmed the east coast of the United States. I drove down to Elizabeth City, NC to view it.
The 1970 eclipse brought 3 mins 28 sec., of totality – a full 60 seconds more than last Monday’s eclipse. That made the 1970 eclipse a much darker shadow then the recent one. Why? Because the sun’s diameter is exactly 400 times that of the moon’s. Therefore, the closer the moon is to the earth, the bigger its shadow.
That’s why you heard people say, “I thought it would be darker than it was.”
Well, the good news is that the next total solar eclipse to hit the US will be on April 8, 2024 – 6-and-one-half years from now. Instead of 2 mins 28 seconds of totality, it will feature 4 mins 28 sec. of totality. That will be a really dark eclipse.
For this last eclipse, the main thing I wanted to try to capture was the speed at which the moon’s shadow moves. For the 1970 eclipse, I was up high enough to see it coming across the flatlands. For this eclipse, that’s why I tried to get up on a mountain to get that far view.
So when we had to abandon that location due to a massive cloud, I was really disappointed. What I didn’t realize was that I accidentally captured it with my GoPro camera and didn’t realize it until last night.
So this sequence, is sped up 4 times. It runs from 2 minutes before totality, until 1 minute after. I’ve sped it up 4 times, so the entire sequence only lasts 82 seconds.
Now, look at the distant clouds low on the horizon. Notice that in about 5 seconds from here they suddenly turn from white to dark. That’s the shadow racing our way at 1400 miles per hour.
In a few more seconds it hits the low cloud deck directly overhead. In the first seconds of totality, you can see the sun’s corona peeking through a hole in the clouds. 35 seconds later, you see the shadow retreating across the cloud deck and just before it hits, you see the sun’s corona peeking through a final hole in the clouds.
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