WE LOVE RUSSIA: Cameraman Faints While Russian Woman Giving Birth In A Maternity Ward

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Published on 3 Sep 2017, 23:30
Original source RT documentary youtube.com/user/RTDocumentaries/videos
The RT Newborn Russia (E6) documentary youtu.be/4YyN_-BmsOk
Where do Russians come from? In modern Russia, life usually begins at state-run maternity hospitals; it is up to these medical establishments to deliver new babies into the world. RTd takes you inside the delivery room, where you'll meet expectant mothers, nervous fathers, and the men and women whose task it is to perform deliveries and face any challenges that stand in the way.
Svetlana is in the next maternity ward, it’s her second pregnancy and she’s expecting a little sister for her daughter. Even though she has already given birth once, she thinks her second time is harder than the first. Unusually though it’s not her who’s having the hardest time of all; our film crew normally remains well behind the scenes, but this time, they become part of the action, childbirth proves too much for one member, who faints in the delivery room!
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