War with Iran, War with North Korea, FBI Creating Terrorists [164]

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Опубликовано 9 сентября 2017, 0:37
In order to justify the police becoming an extension of the military, Americans must be VERY AFRAID. Thankfully, the FBI creates terror threats, then takes credit for stopping them. Naomi Karavani joins Lee Camp at the desk to discuss. Eliminating rules that maintain net neutrality will be devastating for entrepreneurs who need web traffic and can't pay ISPs for faster loading speeds. Natalie McGill shows how small business don't have to lay down without a fight.


Source Material:

Obama ban on police military gear falls short as critics say it's a 'publicity stunt'

Haley Falsely Claims Iran to Be ‘Violating’ Nuclear Deal

Alibaba launches ‘smile to pay’ facial recognition system at KFC in China

Over 500 Small Businesses Sign Open Letter to FCC and Congress Urging Them to Preserve Title II Net Neutrality Protections

The FBI lured a lonely young man into a bomb plot. Now he's serving life in prison.


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